Monday, October 16, 2017

Glitch Work Day-- New project intro tomorrow!

-Create at least 3 glitch pieces-- posted on your blog
-One with text
-Use multiple techniques in each image.

Learning Target
-I can explore Photoshop to practice making an image that reflects qualities of a qlitch.

You will have until Wednesday to edit your Glitch Art! On Wednesday we sill start planning our next project!

* Check your grades! Everything should be updated with a comment! See me if you have questions!

my glitch example!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Glitch Art Day Two!

This is an example of what im looking for in your glitch portrait.
We can still tell it is a human AND someone who knows you may
Be able to recognize you. 
Continue to work on you're glitch art projects today!

For full credit you need three glitches
-1 glitch of a portrait
-1 glitch that includes text
-One of your choice


TO create the Red and Blue Effect
1. Open a photo in Photoshop
2. Use the quick select tool to select the object that you want to be "3D red and blue"
3.  If you get out of the lines hold down alt to suck your lines back in.
4. Click Ctrl J twice to make two copies of the selected area
5. Flick one layer and select the FX bottom on the bottom of your layers panel.
6. Choose blending options
7. Unclick the R check mark
8. Unclick the G and B
9.Move your layers using the arrow keys on your keyboard to reveal the red and blue.

Image result for banana image

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Glitch Art intro to glitch text

 Glitch text is something that is often something you see in video/ computer games.. I found two tutorials online to help guide you through the process.

My Examples

Apply the tools you used in text to an image

Also this is cool...try it if you finish early..

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Parents Welcome to Photo One!

Please Log in to a computer with Username cgtest1 and password trojan15

Every day in class your student logs onto this page to view the days agenda!
-Daily tutorials
-Project examples
-Due Dates

Each of your students have their own photography blogs as well!
Click HERE to find your students page.

Workload in Photo one
  • Students have photo shoots almost every weekend. All of the photo shoots are posted on this class blog and discussed in class. 
  • Photo shoots are graded for completion. If your student comes to class with their photo shoot complete on time you will see a check mark in the grade book. Summative grades are given at midterm and quarter where a portfolio review (blog review) will take place.
  •  All photo shoots are a minimum of 25 photos and can be shot on any digital device. Students are given in class time to edit and complete all assignments.
  • Blogs are graded on completion of all projects, organization and professionalism of portfolio as well as growth as an artist.
Frequently Asked Questions
-What class can I take next?
-What is AP photo? How do I get college credit?
-Will my student be in an art show? How do I know when?
-I want to buy my student a camera.. what should I buy?

If you have photos you want in the yearbook add them to the App REPLAY IT

Event/Show dates for 2017/2018
Standards Based Grading and the Portfolio (Thinking, Acting, Being like an Artist)
Keeping in touch with the Art Department and what we do
Twitter @CaryGroveArtDpt
Instagram  @carygroveart
Teacher Instagrams    Guss @wendygussart     DiLeo @lindseyeileenart    Wisser @weezdesign

To View the art departments website look here>>>

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Glitch Research Day 1

Jenn' Gauthier ~ "Distorsion identitaire" personal project "Trying to express the notion of loss of identity plot was a bit complicated, but I thought the portrait was a good representation of our identity, especially in today's world… Each element is part of us and when we lose ourselves, we lose our identity. It is this principle that I directed this work by creating a kind of deformation or be observed all the fragments of the person who weaves, is lost." (Googletranslated) via Behance JennMg: Our next Photoshop project is inspired by glitch art.
Requirements for Glitch Art Project
-Create at least 3 glitch pieces
-Contact sheet with 25 photos
So what is "Glitch" art anyways?

"Glitch art is the anesthetization of digital or analog errors, such as artifacts and other "bugs", by either corrupting digital code/data or by physically manipulating electronic devices "
“They produce a type of new media art that lays out defects—glitches—in a given computer system onto a visual canvas, whether it's print, 3-D installation, or computer screen.”

“Beautiful Violence”.
-Use different techniques and imagery for each- Make at least one of them somewhat recognizable. Try not to get too carried away with the glitches..
-Find inspiration and post in on your blogs research page
-Contribute to the padlet on our blog! Add images that inspire you  and observations you have seen on artist pages, pinterest, sites ect..

Made with Padlet

Lets hope these sites aren't blocked for you!
Pinterest images
Glitch art portraits
The Creators Project

Learning Targets
-I can explain what glitch art is in my own words- Post it on your blogs research page
-I can contribute characteristics / images that inspire me to the Padlet board.
-I can explore Photoshop to practice making an image that reflects qualities of a qlitch.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Critique Today!

DUE MONDAY--- We are starting a GLITCH unit next week! You will be using your own photos and manipulating them to look like glitch art! PHOTO SHOOT DUE MONDAY!
Glitch Art Examples

25 photos total..
-10 portraits
-5 images of text
-5 objects
-Your choice

~ As the photographer- say something quick about your shoot.. like where you took it or if you had
difficulty with the shoot-- never start by saying "Its not that good"... in any art class!

~As the audience
T--Tell something you like
A--Ask a question
G--Give a suggestion
*You may not work on other work while we are critiquing.. Either be on the class site or on the blog of the person that we are critiquing.

Its pretty..
I like it...

Elaborate on your comments.. what makes it pretty?
why do you like it? What is unique about this piece?

Do not raise your hand! This should be an open dialog.

You will receive a grade for participation
It will take two class periods for everyone to share

5th period 









8th period
Kelsey A
Elizabeth B
Marta....marDA... Marty?
Tyler D
Matthew D
Tabor G
Katelyn G
Stephanie G
Olivia G
Jillian H
Delaney Hu

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mid-Term Review-- Friday-- Update your blog today!

Tomorrow You have to be ready to critique--- work here>>Class critique presentation

Friday is a check point! Midterm review is worth 100 points! This is a SET grade.. you will not be able to turn in work late.. Think of this as your midterm grade.

For an A+
-5 examples of extra work on your site
-Completed reflection in your above and beyond page
-A neatly organized blog.. projects are labeled.. colors are organized.
-ALL contact sheets complete!!! including featured photos from each shoot!

For an A
-No extra work
-All contact sheets and featured photos present

For a B
-No extra work
-Complete Reflection
-Missing one project
-Contact sheets and featured photos are present for all work completed

For a C
-No extra work
-Complete Reflection
-Missing 2 projects. Missing featured photos
-Confusing unorganized blog

For a D or Below
-Missing more than 2 projects
-Missing Reflection
-Unorganized Blog

Copy and Past the reflection below into your above and beyond page.

-This semester in photo I have improved on...

-I can tell my photography is getting better because..

-Something I still want to improve on is..

-Something I still want to learn about is..

-Personal reflection on your photography...