Friday, December 15, 2017


TONIGHT IS THE ART SHOW!! 6-8 in the front lobby!
Today is the last day to update your blog for the final review!

Upload your resized 5X7 image to the Rising Artist folder NOW if you have not

Thursday, December 14, 2017

This is the end..

What i'm looking for for the final blog review.. 
That is Due Tomorrow.. no exceptions

-Professionalism.. How does your blog look? are you organized? do you have tabs with nothing on them?

-Recent Project Completion- most recent-- 3 image from the invert project-- Finished and working Cinematography, levitation
Image result for finals meme

-Final Exam Project- including a contact sheet showing 50 photos- a blog post planning your shoot and your top 10 images editing and posted full size! not in a contact sheet..

-Extra Work--- IF you want at A+ you have to have everything complete to a high standard as well as AT LEAST 10 extra works from the year. (one can be the bamboo tablet work)

-Rising Artist- Submit to the show HERE>>>Rising Artist

Your Final exam grade will be participation in the critique discussion during the final exam time

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bamboo tablet Work day on portraits.

Friday is the last day to post anything on your blog!
We will be starting the final exam critique in class on Monday! only about half of the class will participate on Monday and the rest will present on the actually final exam time.

EVERYONE must attend the final exam or you automatically fail. That is a school rule.. so don't miss exams!

My bamboo examples

Monday, December 11, 2017

Photo Shoot Due!!! Prep for Rising Artist!


DO THIS>>> Open Photoshop. File/New and create a 5x7" 300 res doc.
File/Place in your original Photoshop file.
Fit to the space. (**remember it is OK to leave white space).
Click The Link Below  Hit New/File upload and choose the JPG.

Start Working with the Bamboo tablet

Below are a few tips.
What you need to know about the tablet and pen..
  • The pen is essentially your mouse. HOVER the pen on top of the tablet to move it around the page.
  • Pressing down on the tablet will make a mark. Remember the pen is pressure sensitive so be careful how hard you are pressing.
  • Clicking on the top half of the pen button is the same as right clicking on your mouse. If you are in the pencil tool (brush tool) a side box will appear the allows you to select the brush style,hardness and diameter.
  • Remember to use the tools you all ready know in Photoshop including opacity, brush thickness and styles


Friday, December 8, 2017

One Week left of Photo... Makeup Photo shoot opportunity

For the last week in photo we will be experimenting with the bamboo tablet!

Here are some bamboo/portrait links for inspiration


Replacement Photo shoot opportunity.  If you are behind a photo shoot.. This is your chance for a MAKEUP SHOOT! Due MONDAY. OR extra credit..
-Take 10 Portraits
-Portraits should be taken outside of school..
-Leave space around the person for drawing.
-5 of the photos should be looking away from the camera.

-Take your photos outside
-Step back! Change view point.
-Plan and Research
-Introduce Props.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Editing 50 photos work day!

Finding your photography style
Looking for Extra Credit?

Here are some tutorials that I think may be helpful
Face Swap---- If you do this it must be SEAMLESS
Sky Overlay
Photo Hacks
Water Reflection in PS
Feel free to find one of your own tutorials-include the link on your blog with the completed project.

Learning Targets
-I can search for a photographer /image examples/ and create a blog post about it
-I can create a photo shoot that reflects the style i researched.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

50 Photo Challenge Due TODAY!

To DO List Today
-Upload your 50 photos to a contact sheet and post it on your blog.

For your 50 photos challenge
-You need 10 edited photos
-Your photos need to reflect a similar editing style
-You need to have a blog post that shows your editing style

explore this link finding-your-photo-editing-style/

Learning Targets
-I can search for a photographer who has a style/concept I am drawn to
-I can create a photo shoot that reflects the style i researched.