Thursday, September 12, 2019

Next shoot will be Golden Hour! Due Wednesday!!

What should be on your blog for the Blog Check. Progress Report Blog Review
-Fence Contact sheet-- Fence edited image (overlayed with holes in fence)
-Depth of field Contact sheet- Top 5 DOF edites
-Light painting Photoshoot- Top 5 photo edites
-HDR Contact Sheet- Top 5 photos HDR edited

GOLDEN HOUR PHOTOS DUE NEXT WEDNESDAY. Photograph one hour before sunset.. Around 6 oclock!

Next Shoot is Golden Hour Focused on Portraits. 
My absolute favorite time to photograph anything is a time of day called the Golden Hour. The Golden Hour occurs during the time just before sunset, and just after sunrise. When the sun is lower in the sky, near the horizon, it must travel through more of the atmosphere, reducing the intensity of direct light and thus reducing the contrast in the scene. More blue light is scattered, so sunlight will appear reddish and shadows won’t be as deep as when the sun is higher in the sky. In addition, the lower angle of the sun creates longer shadows, which can add interest to images.

-The Golden Hour--What is it and why do you think people are attracted to images captured at this
time of day?

Also... Anyone eat bigmacs or work at McDonalds?? I have always wanted to try this as an in class project... Watch the video below

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

HDR Edited in Bridge

Your next photoshoot will be all about GOLDEN HOUR

Things that look good in HDR include.. 
-Cars or anything metal/steal
-Anything industrial looking
-Night landscapes/city lights
-Neon Lights
-Reflections in water
-Review this link>>>>HDR DONE RIGHT to view well done HDR edits

Below are some photos I took that are HDR.

This image was not shot using HDR but edited in Photoshop later to look like it was. I used a camera called
The Kodak Cube to shoot this. It has a wide angle lens.. notice the distortion on the wall. This is one of my favorite cameras!
This camera is $99
Learn more about it Here>>>>polaroid-cube-seeks-spot-in-go-pro-world
This Photo was shot on a Canon SL1. I shot this photo the traditional way of bracketing my camera. You can see its a bit blurry. That's because I slightly moved in between shots. This caused the photos to not line up perfectly when merging them.

Learning Target for this shoot
-I can produce a photo shoot that consists of images that will be aesthetically pleasing when edited in HDR.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

HDR Contact sheet and Editing Day!

High Dynamic Range Photography

-Create a contact sheet for your HDR photo shoot today!

What They’re not Telling You About HDR Images
There’s a secret about those “over the top” HDR images that you don’t hear a lot of non-HDR photographers talk about. While many of these photographers don’t like HDR images at all…
….non-photographers absolutely love them!
That’s right—-regular, non photographer people love those over-the-top HDR images. Even though it’s seldom talked about, I think that’s incredibly important to know.
Matt pointed out something a while back while we were talking about this, and it has proved itself time and time again. Matt mentioned that if he sends a group of images to a magazine, or a Web site, etc., for them to pick a photo to highlight, they always (always!) choose the HDR shot.

Finished with everything OR unprepared and do not have your photos?

Use the ring light to take a photo of yourself.. Use the tutorial below.

- Check out this awesome artical on HDR
-Try the editing challenge below for extra credit.
Post your image on your blog at the end of class. for credit!

Tools you should be using include but are not limited to
-Air Brush tool in Photoshop or light room
-Band aid Tool
-Gaussian Blur>Surface Blur
-Clone Stamp
-Eye Dropper

Monday, September 9, 2019

Continuing HDR...Editing in RAW

Today in class
You must have a contact sheet for your HDR photoshoot by the end of the day TODAY
Create a Post by the end of the class period..
Choose 5 quality photos to edit in HDR
Post them LARGE on your blog.
Related image

Learning Target for this assignment
-I can capture images that will be aesthetically pleasing when edited in HDR.
-I can edit a photo to look as if it was taken in HDR

Editing in Bridge..
 The best part about bridge is the instant changes when using the sliders. Adding more clarity and brushing in specific tools will help to give your photos the Illusion of HDR.
-You may be wondering what is means to edit in Camera RAW.. Here are some Pros and Cons

This is what it looks like to edition in bridge in camera RAW.

Extra Credit--- Use the Ring light and edit a portrait in photoshop

Before and after

Thursday, September 5, 2019

New Unit--HDR Photography

Tomorrow Friday- I will not be here! I am on a field trip with AP Photo. You can email me if you have questions. On Friday continue working on your light painting edites

To complete the light painting project you need the following
-Contact Sheer
-Top 5 photos edited-- You may use brushes if your photos were "boring"

DUE No Later than MONDAY! The sooner the better! 25 photos that may look good edited in HDR. We are not photographing in HDR just editing in the style

HDR Photography

-High Dynamic Range Photograph- HDR photography is editing technique that attempts to display an image that is closer in relation to the human eyes view of everyday life.

-To create a HDR image you must have a wide range of dark's to light--High Dynamic range

View today's presentation HERE

HDR Toning will give the look and feel of a photo truly taken in the HDR format and it can be applied to a single image.
  1. Select an image and open it in PS6 
  2. Right click on the layer select duplicate layer. A box will appear choose the drop down select New and rename the layer HDR edit
  3. On the HDR toning file select image>adjustments>HDR toning>Yes to flatten image
  4. Explore Drop downs and adjustments
  5. When you are satisfied with your adjustments click OK and wait for PS to update
  6. Dont worry if you feel that your image looks over edited in HDR we will tone it down
  7. Drag your HDR image onto your original file. Press the eyeball to make sure it is matching up perfectly.
  8. Create a Mask--hold down the Alt key and click the mask button at the bottom of your layer tool bar.
  9. Choose the Brush drag your hardness to 0% and opacity to 25%
  10. Start painting on your black mask with white to revel the HDR toning- Use black to re-apply the mask.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Tools for editing light painting

Edit your TOP 5 Photos for your site!
Next unit is HDR if you want to start reserching!
Tools to use today for editing..
-Burn-- Makes a section on your photo darker
-Dodge-- Makes a photo lighter
-Opacity- How "transparent" your photo is 
-Filter gallery's  
-Blending options-- above the layers panel (set at normal usually)
-Use brushes-- From

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Suthter Speed--How does it work again?

Light Painting Photo shoot Due TODAY!-- Create a contact sheet and post it on your blog to turn it in!

 Check this site out!>>>Light Play

Light Painting reminders..
Settings to adjust only your shutter speed
Canon Camera- TV mode (time value)
Nikon- S mode (shutter)
APPS- search--- long exposure, light painting or shutter speed in the app store

The camera simulator is a HUGE help to learn how to shoot manual. Click the link below!
Click Here to use the camera simulator!