Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tomorrow is your last day to work!

Are you finished?? Complete one of the tutorials below or search my Photography Pinterest board. Add the finished project to your above and beyond to start working towards at A+ for your final grade!

Edit another portrait in the style of the artist below

Retro Photo Collage

Use the color replacement tool to colorize black and white photos
Reivew this link for color codes to achieve realistic flesh tones in PS skin-tone-correction.html


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Get your blog ready for the final check point!

I will start reviewing your blogs for your final summative blog grade next week!

Here is the list of what i'm looking for...


-contact sheet for 50 photos shoot (you need to have 50) and top 5 edited
-Extra credit work.. If you want an A+ show 3 attempts at extra credit. Title the works extra credit and explain what you did in the blog post. You may follow tutorials online, use the bamboo tablet or do additional photo shoots and edit.

If you are ready for your blog to be reviewed! Please list your name here>>List your name HERE

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Sorry I have been out! Today is the AP photography Final exam. I am at school in the other art room if you need me.

To Do List
-Your Cinematography is DUE NOW please upload to this link>>>HERE
- Your final exam photo shoot is due on the day of Finals- Seniors you will present on the last day of class.
-You must have two slides for the final exam- first slide will show your inspiration for the show.
-Second slide will show your top 5 edited images from that show- you may use more then one slide if it displays your photos better. You may also use more than 5 photos

In Class for all underclassmen You will participate in a photo tutorial. You can use of of mine or find your own online. This will be one of the last assignments for the formative check on your blog

Finished with your final? Try a tutorial below!

Bamboo Tablet doodles!
Use one of your own photos and add an unexpected element.

Psychedelic poster in Photoshop tutorial

Monday, May 7, 2018

Turn in your Cinimagraph!

Still waiting for your Cinimagraph!
Turn in your Cinimagraph

Are you finished editing your final exam project?
To present our finals you need to contribute to the slideshow linked below. I included a student from last year for an example. Just add slides for your self.

Final Photo shoot slide show presentation..

Looking for Extra Credit?

Here are some tutorials that I think may be helpful
Face Swap---- If you do this it must be SEAMLESS
Sky Overlay
Photo Hacks
Water Reflection in PS
Feel free to find one of your own tutorials-include the link on your blog with the completed project.

Learning Targets
-I can search for a photographer /image examples/ and create a blog post about it
-I can create a photo shoot that reflects the style i researched.

Monday, April 30, 2018

50 photo shoot RESEARCH DAY-- Shoot due TOMORROW

50 Photo Shoot--Final exam grade
You need A blog Post
-Use your blog post to display the planning for your photo shoot your Photoshop should have some kind of theme. The theme can be anything you want but it must be obvious. Simply making all of your photos black and white is NOT an acceptable theme
-You need a contact sheet showing that you completed 50 photos... you may need to make two collages.

Learning Targets
-I can search for a photographer who has a style/concept I am drawn to
-I can create a photo shoot that reflects the style i researched.

Example post

I was inspired by a magical photo shoots that I saw on pinterest. Some of the photos included edits that gave the illusion of fairy, sparkles or magic using Photoshop. The majority of the images that i found were edited on photos of children. I plan on taking photos of my niece and downloading brushes to create that magical glow from the photos. 

Blow are some inspirational images.

4600_11F_TheMagiciansS2_Alice_FIN03.jpg (1200×1629)
Showcase and discover creative work on the world's leading online platform for creative industries. Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Friday, April 27, 2018

50 photos challenge FINAL SHOOT


Midterm Grades are going in this weekend!
This is a Summitave grade.

Your blog should have the following.. 10 pts each photo shoot (50pts total)
Snow/Winter photo shoot
Panoramic Planet
10 points for Blog organization/ set up/ professionalism

The 50 photos assignment will be your FINAL EXAM!
You still need to come for the final!! We will be critiquing.
Photographer Steven Axford
We will start the critique on the last day of classes before finals, we will finsh the critique during the exam time!

--As an artist its very important that you "brand" yourself. You want outsiders to be able to recognize that you took a photograph because it reflects your personality or "image"

--This is our first project where you will be given the freedom to edit in a style that appeals to you. From your photo shoot you will choose 10 photos to edit. The goal is to make these photos look like a "family" all of the photos should be edited in a way that shows your style in photography. Take AT LEAST 50 photos for full credit! You will submit a contact sheet to your blog.

We will be viewing your work on your blog during the final exam

Seniors we will be sharing your work on MAY 11th!

--You need to go beyond just turning all of the photos black and white..
Below are a couple photographers that may inspire you. or

Learning Target
-I can purposefully explore photographers-editing styles- themes to inspire my photoshoot
-I can use my inspiration to create a photo shoot that looks like a "family" and represents my voice as a photographer.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Cinemagraph editing day

Cinimagraph Editing Day
-cinemagraph Photo shoot
-You need one photo and one 5sec video
Your final grade will consist of.
--Finished cinemagraph posted on your blog-- upload just like a jpg

Learning Targets
-I can successfully create a creative cinematography using a single photo and a 5 sec video.
----Use the Photoshop techniques we have been practicing the last two days