Monday, August 21, 2017

Photoshop Space brushes!

Galaxy Created with brushes in Photoshop

Step by Step Downloading Brushes
Visit the links below
-Star Brush--starfield-star-brushes
Download the Brush-- It may say download is happening in 10 sec..
Click the Brush
Click the folder next to the brush on the top tool bar
Click the tab BrushPreset
Click the bottom corner
Click Load and select your brushes

FYI... sometimes brushes are touchy and blocked by our schools system.. it may take a couple tries

Learning Target
-I can successfully load a brush into photosohp

Friday, August 18, 2017

First Photo Shoot! Through a Fence Shoot!

Our first photo shoots purpose is to familiarize you with tools in Photoshop.

By the end of class today I need your URL! This is the first grade to go in the books!

Add your URL Here>>>Enter your Blog URL HERE

Solar eclipse info!
-Shoots following this one will focus on photography techniques that may include camera settings, themes, trends in photography and the elements and principals of art.

Photo shoot Rules 
--Don't take your photos at school!
--All shoots are a minimum of 25 photos to receive full credit.
--Take chances... you will not get penalized if you took a chance on a shoot and it didn't work out
--Try to be original! RESEARCH!! see what other people have already done and do something better!
--If you plan to do a shoot with someone in the class you each have to turn in a different set of 25 photos.

First shoot! Requirements!
-10 fence photos!
-The more interesting the fence the better your composition will be
-The fence has to have some kind of holes..
-If you find something that is not a fence that has holes you can also use that.


Minimum of..

Inspiration from photographer who photographs strangers touching..
Check out his work >>

By the end of class today you should have completed the following
-Turned in your blog URL on our shared doc
-Your blog looks good to you
-First post that includes a photo and blurb about you!
- Add inspirational images from online to your inspiration page

Thursday, August 17, 2017

What makes a blog good? Day Two

All of your assignments will be turned in by posting on your blog! So make sure you have a good looking blog! Your blog should looks professional- clean-appropriate-Make sure you are representing yourself as a artist/photographer. Think about color schemes, font choice ect..
-Download the Webcam Toy and take a selfie! Create your first blog post with a photo of yourself and a short blurb about you! Help the people sitting around you!
-Watch the videos below to see what makes a good blog successful. We will talk about this tomorrow so actually watch them..
-Other Apps to download include
..Pic Monkey
..experimenter with any other photo apps you can find!

Tabs you will be creating include
-Extra work
-Final Projects


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Welcome to Photo One! Fall 2017

Welcome to Photo One!

Check out my Photography! --My Flickr
"When people ask me what equipment I use, I tell them my eyes." Photography QuoteMy blog-
Follow me on Instagram- LindseyEileen Instagram
Follow the Art Department on insta- @Carygroveart

I am anxious to get to know every one of you and begin to help you express your ideas as a new photographer. In Photography One you will gain skills in digital and traditional tools. Throughout this course you will be introduced to photography and artists from around the world and learn how photographic imaging has become so important in our society. The more you put into this class the more you will get out of it. Starting NOW make photography a habit!

Please Fill out the survey below so I can get to know you!
Getting to know you survey

*It is important that you start everyday in this class by opening this class blog-

You will find daily announcements, handouts and assignments organized on this site and it will help to inspire your creativity

*Were on instagram! When taking photos on your phone make sure you tag us at #carygroveart  Follow us to keep updated with all the awesome events that happen in the art department!

*Each photo Student will create a photo blog to help show their growth threw the semester as well as establish an identity as a photographer. You will be turning assignments in and reflecting on your blog.

The blog is required. The blog acts as a digital portfolio. Posting on your blog is equivalent to turning something in.

Advice from photo students..
Cailey M-"Stay on top of your photo shoots but have fun and let your imagination go crazy"
Mikaela S-"Have fun with taking pictures and don't be afraid to express yourself!"

Tiffany M-Tips I have for future photos one class is actually try your best when taking pictures because when you actually get good photos and edit them or develop them you are very proud of the accomplishment in the end."

Abby S-"Be yourself and don't doubt your work! Any idea is beautiful, and creativity comes in many shapes and sizes (literally)! I was afraid of not having very good photography skills, but as soon as I opened myself up to this art, I really enjoyed it and learned from my experiences in this class!! <3

--Brie W-"Don't procrastinate when you are assigned a photo shoot. Go home everyday and maybe take 5 pictures therefore you will have a ton and you will be able to find at least one picture that you really like. If you procrastinate and wait until the last day, your photos wont be as strong and probably will look like crap"

Jamie O-"Take a lot of pictures, and always have your camera with you"

Allan B-Take your pictures as soon as you can, take this class seriously. 

Rachel T-"do your work, but have fun with it.  you can take any boring project and make it fun if you really try. taking pictures is something you'll do the rest of your life, wouldn't it be cool if you were kind of good at it?"

DOWNLOAD BLOGGER on google aps
Create a URL that has your first name in it
experiment with templates.

Learning Targets-

-I have familiarize myself with the expectations in this class by reviewing the syllabus. 
-I can begin to create a blog that reflects my style as a photographer.