Monday, March 19, 2018

Defy Gravity-- Day Two

before and after levitation editing

Photo Shoot Tips

- Consider Drapery including, hair,clothes,limbs. The goal is to make your subject appear to be weightless. 
- Make sure that you don't have harsh shadows on your subject- Avoid this to be sure your subject looks like they fit the environment you place them in. If you have harsh shadows it will be clear your subject had a diffident light source than your environment.
-Consider your shooting angle...
-You need photos of your environment WITHOUT the subject as well!

Overall Goal for the "Defy Gravity" Project

-I will photography a figure to seem weightless and manipulate that image in Photoshop to display the illusion of levitation.
-I will create a photograph that conveys engaging space and environment.
-I will consider props and costume.

Learning Targets for Today
-Create a purposeful exploration post for your Defy Gravity project
-Begin a Practice levitation image-- Post on your blog by the end of the day Tomorrow

Friday, March 16, 2018

Defy Gravity-Day One

Defy Gravity/Conceptual Photography
-For our next Photo project we will be merging multiple photos to create the illusion of a levitated person.

The most difficult part of this project will be successfully photographing a person in a way where they seem weightless and using Photoshop to manipulate the image. 

Links for today

Learning Targets for Today
- I can practice isolating objects in Photoshop and editing them to appear weightless.
-I can share my work in progress in the Google Class Community.

Above.. Video For Process

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Glitch Art Research Day and practice day

Image result for glitch art

To do today
-Research Glitch Art
-Follow yesterdays tutorial
-Use the tools you already know to make glitches in your photos. You may use photos from the internet to practice.

When creating..
-What images of your own can you use to make a glitch?
-Experiment with overlays
-Experiment with text
-Use the marquee tool to chop up your work
-Add symbols like the play button or video game glitches

Related imageImage result for glitch art

*Turning in something that is taken from the internet or a past student is PLAGIARISM!
This violates the schools code of conduct policy and can result in suspension or removal from the class.

Learning Target
-I can follow along with the video tutorial to create an image that has a glitch affect.
-I can share my wok on the google community.

Follow along with the video tutorial below!
Post your image on the google community so I know you participated in class today

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Glitch Art intro to glitch text

 Glitch text is something that is often something you see in video/ computer games.. I found two tutorials online to help guide you through the process. WATCH THE VIDEOS! and follow along! I am in a meeting sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy. email me if you have questions! see you tomorrow!

My Examples

Apply the tools you used in text to an image

Also this is cool...try it if you finish early..

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Glitch Art Day Two!

This is an example of what im looking for in your glitch portrait.
We can still tell it is a human AND someone who knows you may
Be able to recognize you. 

For full credit you need three glitches
-1 glitch of a portrait
-1 glitch that includes text
-One of your choice


TO create the Red and Blue Effect
1. Open a photo in Photoshop
2. Use the quick select tool to select the object that you want to be "3D red and blue"
3.  If you get out of the lines hold down alt to suck your lines back in.
4. Click Ctrl J twice to make two copies of the selected area
5. Flick one layer and select the FX bottom on the bottom of your layers panel.
6. Choose blending options
7. Unclick the R check mark
8. Unclick the G and B
9.Move your layers using the arrow keys on your keyboard to reveal the red and blue.

Image result for banana image

Monday, March 12, 2018

Glitch Art

HI guys.. im out sick today :(

Here are the requirements for the new glitch project. Using the tools you already know see what you can come up with to create a "glitch" i will be demonstration techniques on Tuesday and Wednesday in class.

-Create at least 3 glitch pieces-- posted on your blog
-One with text
-Use multiple techniques in each image.

Learning Target
-I can explore Photoshop to practice making an image that reflects qualities of a qlitch.

my glitch example!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Glitch Art- Day one

BLOGS ARE DUE TOMORROW! This is a summative grade! That will be set!

Requirements for Glitch Art Project
-Create at least 2 glitch pieces
-New photo shoot-- (25 pic contact sheet)

So what is "Glitch" art anyways?

"Glitch art is the anesthetization of digital or analog errors, such as artifacts and other "bugs", by either corrupting digital code/data or by physically manipulating electronic devices "
“They produce a type of new media art that lays out defects—glitches—in a given computer system onto a visual canvas, whether it's print, 3-D installation, or computer screen.”

“Beautiful Violence”.
Click HERE to follow along with the glitch art presentation.
-Use different techniques and imagery for each- Make at least one of them somewhat recognizable. Try not to get too carried away with the glitches..
-Find inspiration and post in on your blogs research page
-Contribute to the padlet on our blog! Add images that inspire you  and observations you have seen on artist pages, pinterest, sites ect..

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